Dynamic Live BettingExclusive and Revolutionary turnkey live wagering options from the market leader

Round-the-clock live betting odds and markets, with a coverage of 18,000 live events, offer your customers action on almost any major live event around the world. All this covered on the original $9 per head deal.


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The Dynamic Live Betting application is included in the original $9 per head deal. Betradar Live betting solutions is the leader worldwide on in-game action. This is true live-wagering. Your players will love it!

To access the Dynamic Live Betting lines from the Sportsbook front-end, click the “Dynamic Live Betting” tag from the main menu.

Dynamic Live Betting Features

Now in Play

See all in-progress games from one location, without having to move away from the game you’re following.
All live events with odds are displayed from the “Now in Play” menu.

Dropdown Menu

Bet Slip Live Betting

Keep track of your selections, current risk and to-win amount with the BetSlip menu. Jump from Straighs and Parlays bet types fast and easy.

Dropdown Menu

Live Scoreboard

Select the game, the selected game’s live scoreboard displays at the top-right corner of the BetRadar Live Wagering window.

Dropdown Menu

Upcoming Events Live Betting

We don’t want your players to move away from the action, and neither do you. The Upcoming events widget keep your clients hook into the action by showing them all upcoming games, and events from the same Live betting screen.

Dropdown Menu

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