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Pay Per Head | White Label, Feature-Rich PayPerHead Sportsbook Software -as-A-Service Price Per Head Platform.

We provide a clean and easy-to-use design on both the Agent back-end and Sportsbook front-end. Your customers will also love our PPH Live PayPerHead plaftform.

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Now you can get ULTRA LIVE GAMING included in the same low price of $5 per player per week. The lowest price in the industry!

Pay per head Platform Features

All the tools you need to properly customize and expand your payperhead bookmaking accounting management.

Pay Per Head Sportsbook

A Beautiful looking sportsbook with all major American and international markets.

Agent Reports and Tools

Control every aspect of your book, right from your computer or mobile device.

Premium Live In-Game Platform

Keep the action going. Sharp service at all time.

Lines Control

The freedom of moving your sportsbook offering in a quick and easy way, without long load times and clunky controls.

Juice profile (-110, -115, etc)

Quickly and easily change the line juice right from your agent back-end. No more erros or clunky controls.

Quality Offering

No grading mistakes. Quality offering is where profit lays. Our sportsbook software is curated by our in-house team.

Complete List Of Features of our Pay Per Head PPH Software Included in the special $5 Package that holds that best sportsbook software for Bookies in the industry.

  • Ultra Live Betting Free Of Charge
  • Sports Betting Internet Players
  • Full Sportsbook Set Up
  • Pro In-House Live Wagering
  • Virtual Sports/Games: NFL, NBA and Soccer
  • State Lottery
  • EPOS (Printed Sports Betting Tickets)
  • Full Track Horsebook Around The Globe with the best provider in the market
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Non-Stoppable 24 x 7 x 365 Wagering Call Center TOTALLY FREE
  • Digital Casino (FREE)
  • 24×7 Live Casino Dealers (FREE)
  • Mobile Casino (FREE)
  • Private POKER Tables (FREE)
  • State Lottery From 25+ States
  • Phone Support for Agents 24×7
  • Private Live Chat between Office and Agents 24×7
  • Internal Private Messaging System (player-agent-office) (skip 3rd party emailing)
  • Minute by minute steam & injury reports
Agent Reports and Tools

Agent Reports and Tools

Control every aspect of your business, right from your computer or mobile device. Our carefully optimized Agent back-end allows you to do more, with a clean design and easy-to-use controls. Agent and player reports. Online access to Juice profiles. Hide/show Lines. Place and Delete tickets. Set max money lines. Real-time, on-screen ticket notifications. Apply Free plays. Advanced IP Tracker. Live Scores. 24/7 Agent Customer service, Player/agent Messaging system, Live offering, Enter customer transactions, and much more.

Lines Control pay per head agent

Lines Control

The freedom of moving your sportsbook lines in a quick and easy way, without long load times to load the lines. We have paid special attention to our lines mover tool to make it the fastest and easier to use in the industry.

Juice profiles (-110, -115, etc)

Because not all your customers play the same. Just as our Lines manager tool, our Juice profile tool (-110, -115, etc) allows you to easily change the line juice right from your agent website within a matter of seconds (or simply request the changes to our dedicated agent support staff)

Unlimited Juice profiles (-110, -115, etc)

Pay per head Sportsbook

Our custom in-house payperhead sportsbook offers a sleek and great-looking design, easy to use for your players, whether on desktop or mobile devices. A competitive offering from American and International Markets; with phone access included. In-house oddsmakers team will protect your book from bad lines and grading errors. And your customers will also love our Live PPH Software platform.

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Live betting sportsbook

Live Platform

The most advanced and feature-rich Live action solution, it’s now at your fingertips, as part of our pay per head bookmaking management offering. High quality offerings, coupled with the excitement out live platform brings to players, have made this tool the go-to source for agent profit.

Sharp Lines

Tired of bad lines and gradings errors which only lead to complains from your players? Sharp lines is where profit lays so be mindful while choosing your pay per head sportsbook provider. Our sportsbook lines are curated by our in-house team, we don’t cut corners to bring you a professional service which allows you to manage and expand your business.

sharp lines sportsbook


All services bundled into one great price. No hidden fees.

PayPerHead Demos

We are for real, and so is our Pay per head offering. Test for yourself our offering, including the Agent reports and tools and of course our sleek-looking and easy-to-use Pay per head Sportsbook including our Dynamic Live Platform.

desktop demos agent
desktop demos sportsbook

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any additional fees I should be aware of that are not mentioned on your website? / What fees do you charge?

PayperheadGlobal.com offers a pricing model of $5 PER HEAD, per week, only on active players. No additional charges of any kind. (Actives players are those accounts on which at least one ticket has been placed on the week). This includes Regular live betting (lines during commercial and breaks). Premium Live betting (non-stop lines) costs $5 per active users.

How do I contact you? / I’m convinced. How do I sign-up? / How can I get started?

You can either sign up for our services online using the Get Started form. The process is simple and takes just a matter of seconds. Once the form has been submitted you will receive and automatic email as confirmation that your request has been received. You will then receive a second email within 15-20 minutes with your accounts credentials and information. If you prefer to sign up over the phone or have further questions, you can call us at our USA/Canada Toll free: +1-855-296-9171

How do I pay? / What are our payment methods?

Payments can be do quick and easily through the most widely used Money order services. For further payment details give us a call at 855-697-7446 so we can explain how to payment process works and when special payment methods are available.

Are there any minimum of accounts to get get started?

There is no minimums of accounts to get started. At any time you can create new accounts from your agent back-end or request them to be added by our Agent support team.

Can I have my own customized website?

Yes, you can. At no additional charge we will set up a website with your own custom logo or any other design change you require. Take a look at one of our website designs: https://ibet.ag

Where are you located?

PayperheadGlobal.com hosts all its servers, customer service infrastructure and human resources in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Do I have to pay extra for the casino games?

There is no extra charge for either Digital Casino games, access to our Live platform, Racebook, or any of the other services and features provided by PayperheadGlobal.com. (We do not offer Live Casino Software, only White label Digital Casino Software)

What is the initial start-up cost?

There is no initial start-up cost. Upon sign up PayperheadGlobal.com offers 1-week trial period for you to test and try the service with no restrictions. If you like how everything is handled and decide to start using our services the initial deposit is required before the end of that first week to avoid service interruption. (minimum deposit $150).

Do I still take care of the collections and payments from the users?

Yes. We are simply a book keeping and sports information services provider. We do not send or receive payments to your customers. The settlement is still handled by you.


“I have used other pay per head options in the past but the constant errors and complaints from my users made switch. The guys at PayperheadGlobal.com are sharp at their stuff.”



“My clients love the look and feel of the sportsbook. My reports are easy to find and understand the numbers. I can make almost any change from my agent page without having to call”



“The guys at PayperheadGlobal.com are extremely respectful and professional. They know what they are doing and it shows on the quality of their overall package. I’m happy to have found the services of Payperhead Global.com.”


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PayperheadGlobal is a Pay per head Bookmaking and Sports book software service provider. Our focus is on impeccable design and user experience. Central offices are located in San Jose, Costa Rica.

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