FEATURES – Place late bets

With our “Place Late Bets” feature there is no need to call the office when one of your players wants to lay action on a game that already started.

If there has only being a few minutes since the game started and no injury or alert reports, you can decide to take your player action following these simple steps:

Access the “Place Late Bets” feature

From the agent home screen click the “Place Late Bets” icon.

Select the player account

Select the player username from the dropdown menu.

Select the Betting Line

After these two simple steps the entire sportsbook is at your disposal for you to browse to the sport, league, and game type your player wants.

Enter the bet amount

Choose whether your player wants to buy points and finally enter the desired amount he wants to risk/win.

Password confirmation

Before the ticket is created you are asked to enter the player password. This prevents any later complains from the player. He can later change the password if he so chooses.

Ticket Confirmation

Once the ticket has been inserted you will see the appropriate message.

Updated Instantly

The ticket number and tracking information will be immediately displayed under your pending report. Your player will also be able to see the ticket details from his account.

Get Started

Request your account now. It takes 15 minutes to get set up. The process can be done entirely online (by using the button below), or by calling us at Toll free: 855-697-7446


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